Thursday, August 19, 2010

Innova Circlelord

Circlelord Swirlz quilt by Sherry Rogers-Harrison

Because the Table is deep, Shelf Track is attached along both edges.
The Circlelord for the Innova is the same as for all other machines, except for minor variations caused by table and machine design. We have taken this into consideration, and provide you with a first class design tool, that gives you fast, easy and accurate stitching patterns. Circlelord has 10 years of experience.
With the Circlelord Basic+ and templates, you'll have fun, and make money with your Innova Longarm. The Circlelord takes the stress out of rulers, and pantos.
Don't compare the Circlelord templates with others, that you have to hold down, by hand.
The Circlelord is a clamping platform that holds multi-pattern templates, such as the Aztec that has 500 different designs. Our products are made with premium materials, that don't wear out, or break under normal usage

Circlelord Giant templates are the backbone of your quilting business. By paying more to get full length templates, you save time, and make money - up to $50.00 per hour.

The Circlelord Stylus is an engineered Stainless steel and Aluminum assembly, that provides a rigid stylus, that does not wiggle, break, or wear out. It attaches easily by 2 T bolts. No drilling. Cost $49.00
You need the stylus, only, to use our Giant "K'Ching" templates. Up to 25% off regular price on templates.

The Circlelord Stylus normally goes on the left hand side of the machine.

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Swirls by Julie Mahler on her Innova

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Up to 20% off regular price for Giant templates.
Comes with 25 page manual

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